How to download and install the products

At case of troubles with installation please download latest setups from our webiste!
If the product contains MULTIPLE PARTS, download all the parts and save them to the same location where you run the installer.

Download installer

When you have slow internet connection, create Google Drive account and install Google Drive for PC application. Add landscape to your Google Drive and download will be establish automatically to your PC at the backgroud.

Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge

Landscape installation

 Do you have installed latest version of Condor?
 Run the installer from the user account of the computer from which you are using Condor.
 Copy and paste licence key from webpage to installer

Run the installer

Microsoft Defender warns all programs downloaded from the Internet before they run. Click More information to launch the program. Our installers are signed with a certificate and contain no viruses or any malware

Landscape uninstallation

 Find folder with landscape - Condor/Landscapes/SCENERY
 Run uninstal.exe program.

Plane setup

 Download latest Condor Patch and Hangar Update
 Select plane at fligh planner, plane has button activate.
 Press button activate and insert purchased license.

Do you have troubles? Please contact our support

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