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General Data Protection Regulation

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All data we keep about our users are only for the purpose of order processing and distribution of our products. We do not make any data available to any third party. You can see that we have never allowed any advertising on our webiste and therefore not gaining data on user for advertising services. Your privacy is more important to us than advertising revenue. Similarly, we never send unsolicited emails, only for users who show interest in the account settings we can send newletters several times a year by e-mail.

The only personal data that we need and which we keep about you is your email, password hash, and IP address, as well as the name and mailing address for orders by post and registration of UBsoft product. The password is encrypted asymmetrically in the database, so it can not be decrypted. However, we ask that you use a different password for our site than you have in other important systems. For automatic sign-in, if you choose it, we store the cookies needed to sign in to your computer.

If you cancel your account, all data about you will be physically deleted. However, if you want to re-use our products and renew the licenses according to the invoice, please note that this activity is charged. We may remove any data about you from our system if you wish, without canceling your account in accordance with European legislation GDPR, valid as of May 25, 2018.

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