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CW-B (Morava)



Setup size:
1.7 GB
Hard disk size:
8.2 GB

CW-B is the first new scenery for Condor Soaring Simulator version 2. It covers the center of the Czech Republic. Scenery has new texture with double texture resolution - 8192 pixels instead of 4096, detailed city and terrain. Scenery is based on real maps, uses highly realistic synthetic textures and is covered with trees and 3D objects.

Many thanks to Luboš Faitz for several highly detailed, beautiful airports, and to all who helped with the scenery. Before you buy, you can download and try the demo scenery for free. This version is fully compatible with the full version, only contains black and white textures . You can also download additional splash/intro screens and Xsoar map and data from Virtualsoaring.eu

Version 2.0

This version is be free for anyone who has purchased version 1.0. Licenses distributed for free for version 1.0 will not apply to version 2.0 You can continue to use the installed version 1.0, but it will not be possible install and activate again after the 2.0 release. Versions 1 and 2 cannot be used together, version 2 replaces version 1


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