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Condor 2.0

UBSoft d.o.o. www.condorsoaring.com

1,890 CZK 77.81

Condor V2 is a brand new simulator using DirectX 11. Not compatible with the old version, there are other planes. Old scenery can not be directly used, and the authors have to edit them for V2. Condor V2 contains gliders: Antares 18S, Blanik L-13, Diana-2, Duo Discus XL, Genesis 2, Grunau Baby, Standard Cirrus. Other aircraft will be available separately.

Key Features

  • highly detailed models
  • More scenic terrain with 22m resolution at a height above 60m in V1
  • dense forests and trees in true size
  • shaded objects in real size
  • water with shine
  • Enhanced weather model, up to 64 pilots online

For more information, visit the manufacturers website: condorsoaring.com

Technical requirements:

Intel 5/7 processor PC or similiar, Windows 7/8/10, dedicated graphics card with memory of at least 1GB.

If in doubt, we recommend test your graphics card before purchasing . Download and install a test program from https://www.passmark.com/products/pt.htm - version 9. In the 3D Graphics Mark test, you must have value greater than 1000, otherwise V2 can not be used. , Values 4000 and above already allow full graphic settings. We recommend Condor V1 at limit values around 1000.

If you have any doubts or questions, please contact us before your purchase, the license after purchase can not be returned .


This product is free to download and adds currently available aircraft to Condor. It is updated whenever a new aircraft is released. After installing it, you can see all the planes in Condor, but you cannot fly with planes you did not buy,. Download always the currently available files that are available freely - Hangar is sometimes not available and is replaced by the current Condor patch.


Manual on-line najdete HERE
Keyboard setting HERE

Why buy from us

When you buy from our store you have your licenses and products permanently accessible, so there is no risk of their loss in case of your computer crash. We provide our customers with fast technical support, there is also a chatbot support with frequently asked questions.

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